About us

Meet the Photographer

Kathleen Williams, photographer

Kathleen Williams has lived in the Erie area all her life. A graduate of McDowell High School where she was an Art Major for 4 years, she went on to attend Tri-State Business Institute where she earned a degree in computer information systems. She purchased her first serious camera from a fellow Art Major and photographer, Ed Kindle. It was a Pentax K1000 film camera with 6 lenses and many filters that she spent a great deal of time getting to know. Kathleen strayed from her artistic background for a while as she got married and raised 2 children. When her children got older, she purchased a Nikon D40 DSLR and jumped back into photography. Taking a couple classes from a renowned local commercial photographer, Art Becker, she rediscovered her artistic side and hasn't slowed down since. She joined the local photography club and continues to improve her skills and stretch her imagination in every direction. Her love of photography and her knack for computers combine eloquently to produce some of the stunning imagery you will see here on this website.

What is Kat Williams Image Sorcery?

So how did we get here? Well, after doing a few portrait sessions and turning down a bunch more, Kathleen decided to give in and open up shop and invite people to have some fun. Kat Williams Image Sorcery is more than a standard photography business. It not only encompasses the standard photography sessions, but also embraces the fantastical, the improbable and the impossible. Creating works that capture the imagination and boggle the mind is a major goal of Kat Williams Image Sorcery. Stay tuned for new and exciting things coming from this corner!

Although we do standard portrait work, we prefer to create visual art with our images. You can see some wonderful examples of this in our "Fantasy" gallery. If you have an idea for a unique photo session, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are always looking for something new and different to photograph. Who knows, it just might become the next big thing!